Interview with Matt Farnsworth, The Orphan Killer's director

When you started the shooting of The Orphan Killer filming did you know that this would be one of the most promising sagas currently?

I guess you never can tell. It surely felt like something more intense artistically. The blood was really flowing. The movie itself bled. You could smell death all around us from the morgue down the hall in the huge abandon hospital we shot in. It was haunted. Very. Those spirits still live in the film and always will. One in particular.

You have the feeling of having relived another of those great 80’s slashers when you finish watching the film, is this what you were lookin for with TOK?

80's all the way with a crazy masked man that spoke. Simple trick that has taken TOK to icon status.I bloody enjoy writing his dialogue.

Do you think in a likely sequel? If so, was this planned in the beginning of the project?

It has evolved but, it was always my intention to create something I could franchise off of.

Between your two films Iowa (2005) and The Orphan Killer (2011), both with so different topics, which one is your favourite?

The Orphan Killer is certainly my most famous film so far. Even though Iowa had celebrities in it. It already has two major magazine covers in the UK. Shock Horror Magazine and Scream Magazine. The two biggest genre mags in that part of Europe. Shock horror Magazine actually sold out on the Pre-Sale for the first time ever with TOK on the cover. Shock Horror had Rob Zombie on the cover before TOK. I am interviewed inside. Tell all those horror mags in Spain to give me a shout. Wehavelots of brutal pics.

Do you consider yourself a fan of the slasher genre?


Did you look for inspiration in other genre films? If so, could you tell us which ones?

Nightmare on Elm Street (Craven), Halloween (Carpenter/Zombie), Most of Stanley Kubricks films, A Touch of Evil (Orson Wells), Pulp Fiction, Jaws, and many others.

Let’s focus on the leading actor of the film. This is the first time we see a murderer talking so much with their victims. Did you try with this to make your Orphan Killer something different, something new?

That is a special thing for me to write that dialogue. I really go somewhere else for a minute to reel in the line. I surprise myself with how well what i write works when he speaks it. David and Diane lives these parts. They ARE these to famous characters. They lived it. The earned it. That's why the movie is so good.

You’re an actor, and you were Iowa’s leading actor. Didn’t you ever consider Orphan Killer’s leading role for yourself? Why?

Maybe for a moment. I have too many tattoos and TOK has no sleeves. A fact that makes him even more badass. If I had played TOK it would have been difficult. I knew that. It would have been a selfish move and selfish thoughts do not work in murder art. Plus David Backus is made for it.

Before making Orphan Killer, did you expect so good reception on fests?

I did not know we would make the front page of the newspapers all over Spain and be signing autographs outside the premieres. Thats was amazing. The streets were filled with fans at San Sebastian Terror Film Festival. Everyone wanted a photo with TOK. In Italy at Tohorror as well. I was given the Antonio Margheriti award. It was an honor. The film was even honored at Sitges and won the Best Picture award at Terror Molins De Rei.

Could you explain us some unforeseen or anecdote that happened during the filming?

There was a little girls voice on the audio track in post. One that was not there in person. People here in the US have determined it is an EVP. Just before the nun gets her head chopped off by TOK a little girls voice can be heard under the track of the two actresses speaking. I will include it here. You should wear headphones to hear it. It's a little girl voice. She has been with me ever since I discovered it. It was a dark and late night. I was alone in the edit suite when I heard it. One of those moments that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Now, are you thinking in other new project? If it’s yes... could you tell us what role do you have on it?


In your last film we can find a lot of references about religion, especially to the catholic religion. What is your personal opinion about that?

It's just the backdrop it takes place in. Not really much to tell.

Following the last question, did these negative references to the catholic religion upset anybody of the team?

If it did they were not welcome back the next day. I only work with crazily sane people.

As a cinema fan and The Orphan Killer’s fan too, I just can give you my congrats for your work. Let me tell you that TerrorWeekend team will be waiting for more Miller brothers’ adventures.

My bloody pleasure. I plan to meet you when the next premiere happens in Spain. I am just now finishing the script and it is brutally....beautifully......bloody.......TOK

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